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LUZ the brand by LUZ the person

LUZ - the person

My name is Luz Daniela Legrain Sanabria and I’m a Belgian -Bolivian fashion designer and artist.

During my studies in fashion design, I asked myself the following question: “What does fashion mean to me?”. My graduate collection “Tormented Light” gave me the answer. By expressing my own torments in this collection, I discovered the positive and liberating effects of fashion. Fashion became my outlet and allowed me to recreate my deepest feelings in real and wearable pieces.

Since then, my creations, always very personal and positive, have allowed me to express myself with the utmost honesty and exteriorize what I have inside me.

Now, it’s your turn to express yourself.

Aware of the positive impact fashion can have, I created LUZ to give you the opportunity to find yourselves through what you wear.

LUZ because it’s the first name of the founder.

LUZ because it means light in Spanish. 

LUZ because this brand wants to highlight the positive effects of fashion through unique clothing and accessories inspired by the emotions, stories and thoughts of people.

The aim of LUZ is to change the perception we have of fashion by advocating a meaningful fashion with a real positive impact!


LUZ - the brand

A unique fashion brand meant for everyone

LUZ believes in a sincere and personalized fashion that can be used as a means of expression. Every LUZ piece is specially made for you, your mind and your body. The brand breaks the creator-customer barrier by giving the person the opportunity to express whatever they want to create a piece that will be made-to-measure, personal and special to them. 

A eng(/r)aged fashion brand

The LUZ pieces are also creative and expressive pieces conveying the designer’s convictions.

This brand is committed to the feminist cause. By creating designs representing the female body, the designer wants to pay an homage to women's bodies and show its beauty as well as normalizing it to try to destroy the heavy taboos that circulate around it. LUZ aims to give visibility to the cause and encourage the dialogue around it.


The brand also embraces sensitivity by creating pieces inspired by feelings that the designer and many others feel, such as anxiety, melancholy, etc.
By bringing her emotions to life, the designer hopes to open a dialogue about the need to express our feelings and hopes to destigmatize emotions considered as "negative" by our society. With her feelings- inspired creations, she also wants to encourage her clients to face their own emotions. She hopes that they will be able to identify themselves in these sensitive creations and find some comfort or sense of understanding.

A sustainable fashion brand

Made in Belgium: From the conception to the creation, LUZ is Made in Belgium. All the magic takes place in the designer's atelier in Brussels: the thinking, the pattern making, the prototyping, the production and the hand-made embroideries. 


Made-to-order and personalization: This allows the brand to produce on demand and thus reduce the risk of unsold items. This approach also encourages the customer to reconsider his or her consumption pattern and to favor the purchase of a single unique piece, rather than several commercial pieces. 


Repurposed fabrics: LUZ is part of the Trashion movement: the strong belief that there is no such thing as trash. LUZ gives a second life to already existing materials with a creative and personal new touch. The brand uses second-hand fabrics and recovers "trash" such as abandoned tent covers and old advertising banners to make accessories and clothes.

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