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The YOU Experience was born to give you the opportunity to express yourself and create a unique piece that reflects your personality and your emotions.

To create your unique piece, the YOU Experience has different steps: 

Live the YOU Experience!

They experienced it!

The Aileen YOU tote bag

“Many thanks to Luz for this beautiful exchange, empathetic and kind-hearted, which resulted in a magnificent work, a poetic and meaningful tote bag for me. It’s my partner who offered me this new experience and I thank him for it! I recommend Luz to all those who wish to spoil a loved one with an original, unique and personalized gift. Thank you again Luz for your sensitive and committed work.”

- Aileen

The Alex YOU Piece

“What is exceptional about the YOU experience is not just the finished product, no matter how beautiful it is, but rather the achievement that goes into it. A simple and honest discussion about who we are, who we have been and who we will be. Luz is then the guide who takes us by the hand and shows us the way. She tries to really understand who we are in order to create something unique and precious. That's why the result is so magical and special. Because it's not only a simple piece, it's also an emotion, a shared moment, a memory. Luz is the artist and we are her inspiration. I strongly recommend the YOU experience, because every time I wear my beautifully embroidered jacket, it warms my heart and I remember the pleasant summer day when I went to talk to her and her caring ear.” - Alex

The Fatimatu YOU tote bag

“I loved the You tote bag concept. Having a personalized bag makes it very rewarding and unique. I knew I was going to love the bag but once I had it in my hands it was better than I expected. A special and unforgettable experience. It was very moving for me. Luz is very professional and a very good listener, always with a smile on her face."

- Fatimatu